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Having run Yoga holidays for 12 years with guests staying in my home I have decided to offer a much more comprehensive approach to yoga on my Specialist Yoga Weeks, Journey into Yoga. With more time to explain the true benefits from this ancient wisdom and, how regular practise of yoga and study can completely change your life, means you can take away with you invaluable knowledge, indelible changes to your thought patterns, skills to control the incessant chatter of the mind, and commitment and dedication to bring about a new found freedom!

On a recent yoga course in Hawaii the opening introduction was quote, "yoga alleviates suffering" How true this is! The challenges I have had to overcome in my life would have been impossible without my yoga practise. This does not mean you have to put yourself through a gruelling set of physical exercises to achieve answers. Answers generally come through the practise of silence, meditation and breath awareness. It is not necessary to be flexible, fit, thin, or any of these misconceptions surrounding the myths of yoga. Just an openness and commitment to change your life for the better, is all you need. An
acceptance that there is something greater than ourselves, that we are connected in some way to the universe, and we are all part of a bigger picture, will put you well on your way for an exciting journey!

The weeks will incorporate yoga practice in varying forms, including Viniyoga, Yin yoga and Kundalini yoga. Introduction to meditation and understanding that the importance of regular practice in this field will bring about a new found confidence, coping skills for life and the various issues that throw us off course, and the learning that comes about when we create balance in our mental and physical bodies.

Chronic physical symptoms often present when the body is trying to tell you that all is not well. Low back problems for instance are not necessarily skeletal . They can be brought on by relentless emotional
stress manifesting in pain in the back and many times you will find that there is adrenal overload as a result of prolonged stress. Kidney infection can then occur and the hormone system thrown out of balance presenting in thyroid dysfunction.

To get to the root of any dysfunction needs patience, understanding, trust, and finally confidence 
to know that you can learn to find solutions to any problem manifesting in the physical body. People underestimate the power of conscious connected breathing and are surprised when they discover it is the essence to many instinctive insights. The left brain with its constant judgement, conditioning, ego and expectation to perform on all levels, needs to be controlled and quietened. Neck and shoulder pain generally present with incorrect use, overload, or imbalance of major muscle groups,
not to mention the silent enemy, "involuntary reactions to stressful thoughts or suppressed emotions"!

I have personally suffered many ailments on my soul journey this time round!! Asthma, as a result of a severe shock, a tape worm from eating raw meat in South Africa, underactive thyroid as a result of prolonged stress and hysterectomy from Endometriosis, breast lumps, helicopacterpylori,  osteoarthritis, rotator cuff and slap tear injury from a fall and carrying heavy loads. Last November I was told I needed surgery on my shoulder. I decided not to have shoulder surgery. I trusted my own intuition and worked with strengthening my back muscles to support my arms and shoulders. With specific stretches and trusting my own techniques and insights I am thrilled to say I am really glad I did not go the surgery route!

So come and join me in a 5 star hotel in the sun here in Lanzarote, where we shall explore together the healing powers of regular practice, study the ancient philosophy of the yoga sutras of Pantanjali, meditate on the private beach, enjoy the luxuries of the spa, and dine out overlooking the sea. Discover who you really are and go back to your lives with new techniques, skills to manage stress and a deeper understanding of how you can change old patterns and addictions to new and healthier ways of managing your life. The results are improved self esteem, confidence, an ability to cope in any given situation that arises, and an inner strength that is outwardly visible to all who come into contact with you. Swap the major enemy of the human race "ego" for something much bigger and more powerful that cannot be taken from you! It is strong and silent and easily recognisable to others.

It has worked for me! I would love to share what yoga has done for me, in my life.

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