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Information on the Yoga Philosophy and Practice of Lynne Oliver
Yoga Therapy, Yoga Teaching in Lanzarote, Yoga Lessons, One to One or Groups

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Yoga Holidays at Villa Isis


To achieve a totally healthy body we need to be healthy from the inside too. Our Yoga Holidays not only involve a good diet but our thoughts and attitudes as well.
To be preoccupied with the "physical" or "outside" appearance is missing out on a much larger and more exciting picture.

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Specialist Yoga Weeks, Journey into Yoga
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How Some Yoga can be Bad for your Heath!

Lynne Oliver, our Yoga Director,
answers the question we are asked most often
“What kind of Yoga do you teach”
The answer is “A mixture of different practices I have studied over the years”.
 It is very important to be flexible and adaptable when teaching a class of people, as it’s not always possible to assess their needs straight away. For instance Astanga Yoga is very popular at the moment but it may be unsuitable for the less fit.


I was introduced to Hatha Yoga initially, safe gentle Yoga for everyone. I do favour the uncompetitive approach of Hatha Yoga and firmly believe that everyone can benefit from such a class. I have also studied Iyengar Yoga and Astanga Yoga. I believe the Iyengar emphasis on strength and being “grounded” is hugely important but would not necessarily agree in holding a posture for several minutes.  It would depend on the person or the group involved at the time.   So I have already deviated from the original “Iyengar” method.

 I do not believe we should be rigid in learning the art of Yoga.  To become an orthodox follower of any particular school must surely, in itself, be restricting. We continue to learn and welcome the benefits of the different schools of Yoga and, if we are open, we can make new and exciting breakthroughs to benefit our own well-being.  This is what Yoga is all about for me. We have come a long way since the keep fit classes in the local church hall, abdominal techniques that proved to be damaging to lower backs. We all know the many and varied injuries that professional dancers have to endure, due to their punishing schedules and hyper mobility.

 We are making new discoveries all the time about the body. The very fashionable Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga (gymnastic yoga), encourages a competitive element to “perform” and can be very daunting and intimidating for those who are not super fit.  If we are too preoccupied with the “body beautiful” we tend to neglect the emotional and spiritual sides of ourselves and an imbalance is created. 

For me Yoga is about  “getting in touch” with the body from the inside and responding to the many messages it tries to send us, long before we enter a state of dis- ease.  We need to take charge of our own health and look after ourselves, spending 20 minutes of the day breathing correctly, being in our breath awareness and using the breath to discover how far we can safely stretch. Our breath is also vital for accessing unresolved emotions, so damaging to our health over a period of time.  The practice becomes a body meditation through the breath revitalizing all the organs of the body.

Neck, shoulder and back pain are common problems for so many people. It was once said that “the shoulders are the graveyard of the emotions”!!  We live in a very stressful, competitive, materialistic society that does not allow us to  “let go” on any level!!  This takes its toll on our vital organs and if we are not able to understand how these situations come about we can end up with very crippling and painful conditions.  There are self help methods to assist in softening tissue around the muscles and joints, breathing techniques to help cleanse our lungs from polluted environments, discovering and massaging pressure points that relate to blocked energies in the body.  These methods are all incorporated into my yoga classes including recognising repetitive lifestyle patterns and dealing with addictions.  We also learn to deal with fears, loneliness, rejection and disappointment, common emotions experienced by most people at some time in their lives.

This all sounds very serious but does not have to be at all. Music and laughter play a big part in balancing the more focused side of our yoga practice. To emerge with a feeling of confidence and to be in charge of your life can only benefit self-esteem and ultimately improve your overall health and well-being.