HoHoBe04 Tough Times

Economic Downturn presents a great opportunity to work on yourself

Challenging Economic Times
The media is awash with news of economic downturn, on top of what has been, for most people, a very challenging year. However the news is not all bad. Sometimes it takes a major undesirable happening to effect change in our life. We may not welcome the impact of uninvited change but good things can come from it, even though when not evident at the time.

Having a Tough Time?
Are you experiencing financial shortcomings or job difficulties on top of everything else? We do what we can to economise and downsize, but then it’s better to accept what we cannot control. Life still goes on, albeit not as we expected. We can lie low for a while and hope that normal service resumes, bemoan our bad luck or we can take a pro-active positive stance. In life it’s always more rewarding to focus on solutions rather than problems. Look on this as a time of opportunity, strange though it may seem.

A Time of Opportunity
At our meetings here, we listen when our guests tell us why they have chosen our holidays and there is always a noticeable proportion who come to allow time for handling unexpected change in their lives. We observe their process as they allow themselves to unwind. They take stock and find inspiration for new outlooks and fresh goals, more akin to how they feel within. It is important to check-in with our inner world as this is our guidance monitor. If we feel bad in a situation, it is a reminder that we can realign our thoughts, emotions and intentions to bring about a desired improvement. Suspend your disbelief. It does work!


A Place for Change
It may not always be possible to find a time and place free from ongoing challenges and interruptions. For this reason it’s a great idea to combine the chance of a holiday in the sun, at a quiet place for pampering and nurturing with a view to becoming more your self! We are such a place!

Good for Business!
This is not just psycho-babble, it’s a powerful business strategy. Stuart listens to Podcasts about Internet Technology and his favourite is: This Week in Tech, TWiT, hosted by Leo Laporte in San Francisco. Leading pundits discuss working in recessional times and Jason Calacanis, a successful entrepreneur, extols the virtue of downtimes when new directions are made. He recommends in such times, the best way forward is to work on yourself! We agree! Successful new trends can be traced from times of realignment. Sign up for Twit. It’s free, entertaining and one of the most popular podcasts around on Itunes.

Better Times Ahead, Predictably?
According to the Mayan Calendar, which is a fascinating insight into the current world situation, and a model of the Earth’s evolution, the recent challenging times have been predicted. As of November 2008 we enter a new time  of optimism signified by the a new “day” period (since we have been in a “night” period) The best book about the Mayan Calendar and the onset of 2012 is by Johan Calleman. It is called
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. It will knock your socks off. We recommend you read it

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