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Singles Holidays, Holidays for People Traveling Alone
Singles holidays ideal for single women or women traveling on their own

Meet your Host, Co Director, Stuart Forster

Stuart Forster is at the forefront of the higher consciousness discovery movement and believes that our connection with nature, particularly via places of extraordinary beauty, helps the process of our re-aligning with our higher potential. After 40 years of Holistic Research and 12 years of hosting holistic retreats, he has had the opportunity to live a lifestyle of deliberate intent and has spent the last 2 years in tuning the subtleties of combining an enjoyable relaxing holiday with a powerful life changing workshop.Stuart is enthusiastic about the ecology of Lanzarote. Renowned for his sense of humour?, he operates landscape tours, EcoLifeWalks, with built in Life Change Courses and is constantly extending his  photographic gallery of the island. 

He  founded Interior Selection, a former leading fabric and wallpaper design and distribution company. On selling the company he traveled widely, spending several years in further research, making a total of over 30 years experience in holistics. Having written extensively on business enterprise via co-operation, he devised Mutual Music, a global interactive facility for Equitable Musical Enterprise.


Stuart is passionate about helping share their insights on how we control our well-being and life change. He focuses on techniques to quieten the mind, (based on ancient wisdom and unfolding science), accessing the awareness, using thoughts and emotions to guide the process of Life Change. Stuart now operates the the evolution of the 12 years at Villa Isis, EcoLifeWalks, a package of holiday environment trips with a built in in-situ Life Change Course

A former organ scholar at York Minster Stuart is Webmaster and Co-Director of Holistic Holidays.