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Coming to Lazarote Baner

Asvestas Apartments,
Governors Beach, Cyprus


Fees will be 440 euros three days, 320 euros two days, 170 euros one day

Programme to run May,13 to 15th May 2011


Olivia Zachariades
Chalice Earth
39a Agion Omologiton Ave



*A personal constellation is constructed when Stephen invites a group member to work on a personal issue, whether a family problem, a health problem or where life is taking them.  He then asks them to choose people from the group to stand up and represent family members of the person with the issue, e.g. their father and mother.  These people are placed in the centre, ' the field', and once in place, they take on the feelings, memories and even symptoms of the people they represent.  The person having the constellation sits down and observes.   All that unfolds in the centre, the field, is done without trying .  It just happens and its neither role play nor psycho drama.  There is no speech unless asked a question by Stephen and no movement unless told to move at will.  Through this constellation any entanglements in the family soul can be revealed, acknowledged, honoured and healer.  Healing is received by the person who has the constellation, those who stand in and those who observe.  Ripples also flow out to the family soul, from the ancestors to our children and to future generations.   (Please note that to have your Constellation explored you need to book in advance)