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Help with Addiction on Holiday, Controlling Addictions

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If you feel you are addicted to something that is beginning to control your life
then it is time to address the matter

Emotional crisis can propel us into destructive addiction behaviour whether it is alcohol, sex or drug addiction. We need the “quick fix” to alleviate our pain, give us a temporary high, preventing us from connecting to what really is going on. Our yearnings that occur again and again are trying to tell us something. Why do we not want to go there and find out what it is? The answer is fear and facing up to the fact that perhaps we are not being fulfilled in some way. These emotions are the same wellspring as the ones connected to creativity and spiritual fulfillment. At the deepest level we are all basically addicted but it is not addiction that destroys our lives but what we become addicted to. These are some of the categories on which I have based my theories on why people use temporary escape routes for the “voids” in their lives

  • Feeling alone and abandoned
  • Unfulfilled
  • A need to please others
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Broken relationships
  • Stressful jobs (could they be of our own making?)
  • A need to fill the void
  • Bereavement
  • Disappointment
  • Shock
  • Fear of the unknown as well as the known!
  • Oral satisfaction particularly with alcohol and cigarette smoking
  • Habit
  • Procrastination
  • Anaesthetising pain
  • An unwillingness to change belief systems that ultimately need to be redefined.

Most of our belief systems stem from childhood. We have a right to question as adults whether in fact we agree with what our parents taught us otherwise we are just continuing the programme without learning anything. Belief systems are addictive in themselves and it takes courage and confidence to change them. Sometimes the challenge is too taxing and we prefer to stay with what we know and are familiar with, burying our questions hoping they may go away. They never do!

I am sure we can all identify in some areas with the list. The next step is to decide whether we are happy with the way our lives are progressing and if not, why not? If you’re not able to answer this question and act on it and make some positive moves to change course, you are going to be left with a gnawing gut feeling of being disappointed in “yourself”. This is often when the self destructive neuro transmitter kicks in and you abandon the journey for an easier solution perhaps turning to a sugar lift in alcohol, smoking, chocolate, sex, gambling, masturbation or anything that gives you a momentary feeling of self gratification or dulled senses. What happens when that cycle has completed itself? The sugar levels in the body have risen dramatically causing chaos in the metabolism, temporary raised adrenaline crashes and we return to the very place where we were when we started! Guess what……the process repeats itself time and time again, year after year and nothing has changed except the damage not only to our bodies but our minds.

If you feel you are using addictive patterns and they are beginning to control your life then it is time to HALT! Take a look at these repetitive cycles and decide to take the first step into changing your life. The quality of your life, will only get better from the moment you come out of denial and commit to a more rewarding and satisfying way of life.

Perhaps the most deadly of all the addictions in my opinion is alcohol. Drugs and cigarettes are obviously bad for anyone and everyone would agree that these are seriously bad addictions and we are able to put labels on people with these addictions, the drug addict, the cigarette addict. However, when it comes to the person who drinks alcohol, this addiction can be so cleverly disguised even managing to fool our friends and sometimes our families. It is what I refer to as the closet addiction. This must surely be the one addiction with the biggest denial!!!

Check out the following phrases and see if any of them sound familiar


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